Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet our long lost cousin...

...Cousin Helga Rosenstein

After getting to know our new cousin better we found she takes after Hershal Z. Shoreman and his love of the dictionary! Oh boy, all us Fairchild's have learned a ton from this ...ummm...special cousin. We've come to love the topic of worms and hair and their similarities...ummm...yeah!!


Johan said...

Wow! Even my name is not quite that bad. ;-)

On the topic of worms and hair--humans and worms share something like 95% of their DNA. :^)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Ooooo! Is this a sneak-peek to the newset movie???!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you making another film?!
I hope so!


Elizabeth said...

wow, a NEW post! Are you making any more movies?

1 Peter 1:4

Anonymous said...

If you are making another film, can you PLEASE post it soon? We simply CAN'T wait!! :D B) ;)