Monday, May 19, 2008

Cousin Herman

(New Pictures Below!)

Cousin Herman from Fairchild Family on Vimeo.

Cousin Herman and Hershal meet for the first time. See how well the long lost cousins get along!

Behind the scenes is just plain comedy too. ;)

The very respected hat...
Lay off.

If it's worth the shot, we just go for it...

It's almost always worth it. Michael makes faces...and...

...Uh-Oh =/ "You're making me smile!!!!" But family reunions are really just so exciting!!!!

Quote: "Accidents happen.", right David? ;)

The First-Aid Canteen.


Lady Heather said...

That was great!!! lol!

The Jantzen family said...

I can't get it to work.

LEN aka EK said...

hee hee hee

Miss Ellie said...

lol I loved the music!:D

The Jantzen family said...

Alrighty! We saw it finally! I can't believe you were able to do all that in just 30 min!!

It was so good to see David and Mike being silly together again!

SisterlyLove said...

Hilarious! Absolutely hilarious!
Yet another astounding achievement by the Fairchilds. (And Mike!) =]

The traveling salesman is SO funny too. Oh... I gotta watch em again!