Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Traveling Salesman

The Fairchild Family Films Features:


Production Pictures:

Taken by Kami

Off to finish the last scene.

Figuring out exactly what will be done, when, how, where and WHY!

"Now, when am I supposed to drive up?"

"What was I supposed to do..."

"Oh! That's right!"

Famous Butch Emerson acting for the most important scene in the movie.

*scratches head* Most important? Well, at least it was the most important ending scene....

*whew* "This is getting tiring..."

"Are you looking at me?"

Heading back up to the house. Annie had to help carry the heavy laden suitcase.
(Okay, it wasn't really heavy, hehehehe)

Setting up the camera for the last shot!

"Man, I feel dumb holding this toaster in the car....."


Lincoln said...

Cool. I liked the sister's hair being used as thread.

Anonymous said...


These get better every time you guys film!!!

Your BIGGEST fan~

Lady Heather said...

Loved it, as always!!

~ Your HUGEST Fan

(beat that hannahlee :P)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you guys come up with stuff like that! Hahaha!!! Too funny!
I especially enjoyed the bloopers - you had me in stitches!!

Nathan D. said...

"It's buzz removes the fuzz.. unless of course you're Amish...are you Amish?"

Very funny David! And everyone did a great job. Loved the bloopers, you guys really had a good time!

Our Family said...

I love it! You all look like you had a blast!


Anonymous said...

Love it love it! Do you guys come up with this stuff beforehand or on the spur of the moment when your together? Sent your socialization one to some friends and they loved it! I think this one is coming next!

Anonymous said...

You know, I forgot to sign,
Love, Janna

Natalie said...

All of you are so clever! I especially loved your "socialization" one. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! I think it's your best movie yet! (The bloopers, I mean, lol!) :) I should have known y'all were up to something since your two families got together last weekend. Dangerous combination! :P

Anonymous said...

P.S. Now I know what David's HSA profile pic is all about... :D

Morgan said...

This is a great idea Amber! I love watching your family videos...thanks for letting me know. =)

The Jantzen family said...

Thanks for another great video! We all loved it.

I might have to try the Fairchilds way of drying hair sometime. *wink*

Bisceglia Family said...

Hello Fairchilds!
Thanks for the latest peak into family life. Always so much fun! I especially enjoyed the hair-drying scene! We four girls rarely use a hair dryer, but I'm glad nobody resorts to THAT method!!! All I can say is, WHO thinks of those scenes? You have way too much fun!Keep it up, Fairchilds!
Love, Sarah

Ashley said...

haha. These are just TOO funny! I don't know how you come up with all those cool, hillarious... ideas! :) The bloopers were fun to watch, too. :)

Miss C. said...

If anything is funny, it's usually Kami's idea. =) haha!
The whole storyline for this one was Amber's idea!

Deovin1 said...

Yeah, Kami has most of the good ideas. However, don't ask her to DO anything funny after about 1am!

Miss C the Second said...

Daaavid! My "brilliant brains" (as you guys called me) start slowing down any time after midnight...zzzzzz Half of the Fairchilds are asleep and the other half just laugh at me...=(

"I think you need to talk faster..."

"Talk FASTER?!?!"
Ha ha ha!

The Jantzen family said...

LOVE the up-date with all the photos!!!

Jen said...

So funny!

David said...

Hey guys!
I am impressed. :)

So whens the first WWII epic coming out? :P
I can help out with that one.....

Well done

David P.